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I'm Davide Valsecchi, from Bergamo, Italy. I'm an undergraduate Physics student at Milan University and I really love science and technology.

Why am I here to present myself? Well, a few months ago I entered the awesome KDE community joining the (at the time) just-rising WikiToLearn team: from that time things has gone so fast, I've learned so many things and met a lot of wonderful KDE people. Now it's my turn to talk about what I'm doing.

On September, when Riccardo (@ruphy) introduced me for the first time to WikiToLearn, I was just one of many students, struggling for the grades. I have always loved coding, since secondary school, but I had made only personal (and lonely :( ) projects before.

The WikiToLearn adventure threw me in the Open Source Community, a special community: KDE.

At the first W2L sprint, at the end of September, I started what has become my main contribution, a Latex to Mediawiki converter. A lot of notes from students are Latex documents: we needed to find a way to import smoothly all that free knowledge into WikiToLearn. Thanks to the help of all the team in only three days of work we created a first working version of our program: it was so exciting, designing and coding software in group was so better than solitary work (I said to myself).

From that moment WikiToLearn development is an everyday surprise! We have imported hundreds of pages and the development of the converter continues https://github.com/WikiToLearn/LatexToMediaWiki. Now things are getting more and more exciting, approaching the sprint at CERN.

My plans for the converter are of getting rid of unuseful external libs and creating a new flexible, minimal and easily extensible LaTeX parser called TexLa: https://github.com/WikiToLearn/texla

Stay tuned for more info about what we'll create at CERN!

Davide @valsdav

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