I’m Irene, a first year undergraduate student in Physics in Milan. Learning new things and getting to know people is what I love the most, so what better than an open project with the motto: “Knowledge only grows if shared”? Its philosophy is what drew me near to WikiToLearn right away.

My first idea was to contribute to it by writing didactic content together with some of my coursemates - we started writing the notes of our Physics and Linear Algebra courses. Time went by, and I started to get to know the entire community, and also getting involved in subjects beyond writing notes. For example I started contributing, creating, improving and translating promotional material, presentation pages, and the guide.

I’ve always wanted to learn Computer Science stuff, but never started working on it for real, because I’d have learned alone and after a while that wasn’t too inspiring.. Now, doing useful stuff for WikiToLearn, in a community of wonderful people, seemed to be the perfect opportunity to start learning seriously!

I was new to almost everything (Docker, Git, programming languages, web design), so it is only thanks to the kindness and help of the other WikiToLearn people who supported me whenever I needed, and who worked with me, that I started doing something: I learned a bit of HTML and CSS and I made my first (of many to come) git push! Meanwhile, I also started to learn programming in Python, and I can’t wait to do something useful with it: I’m now planning to help @valsdav with the Latex to Mediawiki converter.

What I really love about WikiToLearn is the community: I met such great people, everyone is so open and friendly, always happy to help me learning and improving. I have been inspired to do something cool mainly thanks to the great atmosphere there is in the community, which matched perfectly my enthusiasm for learning everything I can.

It’s funny, looking back to when it all started, I really had no idea of the potential the project had for me, I have learned so much in this short period of time, and I’m sure I will learn so much more!


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