Let me tell you something about a project I've been working on for a while. As a university student I've always struggled to find resources, notes and books for my courses. This happened until I found WikiFM (this does no longer exists) where everything was organized with a particular attention on the department courses in my University (which is Milano Bicocca). It was just great but as the platform grew, Riccardo, the founder of that site, thought: "But hey, why don't we make this a more internationally and organized knowledge resource? (and maybe change the name)". And here it is, WikiToLearn!

The idea was so cool that as soon as I got to know it better, I decided to enter in the development team. I could write more about all the steps we've taken to get so far, but it would just be too boring.

Instead, I would like to give you an overview of what is now WikiToLearn, giving you some useful links.

You still haven't told me what it really is

Yes, you're right. WikiToLearn is a site at first look, which you can visit by clicking on: http://wikitolearn.org/

The basic idea behind WikiToLearn is to write collaborative textbooks. Collaborative textbooks are a great opportunity to share knowledge between people and make it free and accessible to everyone. Some questions may arise; like:

Ok but where does it differ from Wikipedia or Wikibooks?

My lazyness brings me to give you this link http://meta.wikitolearn.org/Frequently_Asked_Questions

If you just want to know a little bit more about how it works, you can also visit https://join.wikitolearn.org

What I am doing on WikiToLearn

I began to work on WikiToLearn with Davide. The project is proudly part of the KDE world, so at the beginning we organized a sprint where everything was broken and we needed to define just everything that goes from the development workflow to the vision, from the philosophy about licences to the server management. Once we started I tried to work on the layout part, trying to update the CSS framework and clean some javascript here and there. Currently I am the mantainer of the CSS area and still working on that part, hoping to give a new refreshed structure to the entire skin of the site.

I'm not going to write everything I know in this post (yeah, I need to populate my post a little bit) but I will keep you up to date with my adventures with the great world of WikiToLearn development!

Gianluca @rigolo

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